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First harmonized data model published

ArticleOctober 04, 2019

First version of harmonized data models by Platform of Trust has been published.

The beauty in the harmonized data models is that the data can be in any form in the source system. When it is linked through Platform of Trust it is harmonized according to the data model. This way the data appears inter-compatible to the user. This is one of the key elements that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions require.

The Platform of Trust data model can be expanded to different fields of industry according to need. The definitions are based on existing standards as far as those exist.

The first version of the harmonized data model includes elements from the built environment like building, room, floor, heating system, and sensor, and their features (like room square meters or temperature).

The data models are published in a machine-readable form. If you wish to take a look in a more human-friendly mode, please visit

Take part in developing harmonized data models

Anyone can take part in developing the Platform of Trust harmonized data models and the models are published as open-source code. We will be holding workshops (follow our social media and your email) and conversations are going on in Platform of Trust Slack workspace (please, request an invite here).

Next steps in taking the fist data model further is to add concepts and measures to do with, for example, energy optimization and HVAC-systems.

Author Vesa Ilmarinen.

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