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Platform of Trust uses Stack Overflow for technical questions and overall developer experience development

ArticleApril 03, 2019

As part of the Developer relations we decided to utilise Stack Overflow as the platform for our technical questions and answers.

According to Hackerrank 2018 survey 67% of developers have Computer Science degrees, yet roughly 74% say they have at-least self-taught themselves partially. Over 88% of respondents use Stack Overflow (or SO) as knowledge-base on how to learn code. But SO is much more than just highly scalable "support".

Stackoverflow - Practical daily knowledge-base

We encourage all developers to ask Platform of Trust related questions in Stack Overflow. (See example )

To be able to track new questions easily our developer team managed to pull some strings and have platform-of-trust tag created on Stack Overflow. (Which, for a good reason, caused a round of applause at our team bootcamp last week.)

From questions to guides

We analyse the questions asked in SO every three months and identify the challenges users encounter. The reoccuring issues obviously offer us information where to focus next in enhancing the platform developer experience.

Based on the analysis we'll know which functions and features require more guides (or fixes in existing guides) in Developers Portal. Guides will be available in written format and with video tutorials, uploaded to YouTube and embedded to

From guides to better developer experience

Ultimate goal is to use gained knowledge in developer experience development which is a never ending task. Obviously guides are just plasters - a quick fix to a problem. Guides will anyway help platform consumers get things done. Longer term fix is to refactor features and processes so that guides become obsolete.

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Author Jarkko Moilanen

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